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Yukon Senator calls on Government to repatriate four Azer children safely back to Canada


     Yukon Senator calls on Government to repatriate
four Azer children safely back to Canada

23 March 2016, Ottawa, ON – Yesterday, Yukon Senator Daniel Lang welcomed to the Senate of Canada, Ms. Alison Azer, whose four children, Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim and Meitan had been abducted by their father, Dr. Saren Azer and are being held hostage in the Kurdish region of the Middle East. In August 2015, Alison Azer was informed by the RCMP that her children had indeed been abducted. It has now been eight months since their mother has seen them.

Lang told the Senate “Alison Azer needs our help. Her children have been abducted and are known by the RCMP and Global Affairs Canada to be in the Kurdish region, where Canada is heavily involved in an "advise and assist" mission with over 650 National Defence personnel on the ground. Before any serious physical harm comes to these children, please join with me in calling on the government — especially the RCMP, the Department of National Defence and Global Affairs Canada — to extend all efforts to repatriate these four children safely back to Canada so they can be reunited with their mother.”

Saren Azer was identified as a potential threat to national security as a result of his links to the designated terrorist group the PKK, also known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party, a political and military group which, according to Public Safety Canada, "has led a campaign of guerrilla warfare and terrorism, especially in Turkey and northern Iraq. Despite serious concerns raised by our national security agency, Saren Azer received his Canadian citizenship.

As he became more involved with the PKK, his marriage broke down and Alison was forced to flee with her four children to a women's shelter in Victoria. Concerns were raised by the children, who feared their father's abuse and demanding ways. Alison was worried for her children's safety, as well as her own.

Lang pledged to Alison Azer that “we in the Senate, along with members in the other place, will work together to speak out on this matter until you are reunited with your children.”

Dr. Azer is wanted by Interpol and the RCMP on four counts of abduction.  A copy of the statement is available at