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January 2017: We need debate and a vote before deploying to UN missions

December 2016: Best Politician of 2016

November 2016: Meet Senator Daniel Lang

November 2016: Africa Mission Could be risky and long term Senator warns

August 2016: Opposition Critics Met Range of Yukoners

June 2016: Politicians' stances varied on historic legislation

June 2016: Liberals' assisted-dying bill is now law after clearing final hurdles

May 2016: Canadian Sente raises awareness about the plight of Iranian political prisoners:                                           

April 2016: Senate Salutes Volunteer Medal Recipients:

April 2016: Senator Lang takes up cause of RCMP auxiliaries:

April 2016: Canada finally waking up to EMP attack threat:

March 2016: Canadian Radicals Known, but not Being Charged

March 2016: 'A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist’: Tory Senators Vow to Fight Changes to Citizenship Laws for Dual Nationals:\

January 2016 Senators Demand Role on Planned National Security Committee:

December 2015: Lang: Terrorist financing cases not prosecuted:

October 2015: Tory Senators Could Disrupt Plan to Change Anti-Terror Act:

October 2015: Senator Lang on the change in Ottawa:

July 2015: Senator Lang on his support for the Senate:

July 2015: Editorial in The National Post:  

October 2015: Lang: Canadians Deserve Clear Picture of Terrorist Threat:

December 2014: Interview Ian MacLeod: "Senator wants to know why Canada lags on terror convictions"

June 2014: Interview Jordan Press: "Yukon senator talks up defence- and a family dynasty"